35: Back to School, Biscuits & More

Labor Day_ FB

Welcome to the South: where you get to send your kids back to school in temperatures slightly hotter than…fire. But we’re okay with that because it’s just time, you know? Summer is great, but there comes a point when the Pajama Mornings have morphed into the Constant Bickering Mornings and you are spending your entire life savings on groceries to feed the bickerers. Unto everything a season, right? Thanks, Ecclesiastes… Back to school time is basically the other New Year: it’s the start of so many things, and gives us a chance to try to get it together…again. Or at least pretend to…

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34: Richmond is for Lovers

richmond, virginia, alexandra bee blog

We’ve always had our eye on Virginia. How could we not when the place is for lovers! Kinda risqué for a commonwealth, don’t you think? This week our Virginia Envy kicked up a notch when our friend Allie from the Alexandra Bee Blog stopped by to tell us about all the cool must-dos in Richmond. More on than in a minute… Summer Camp Season Our kids are coming and going from all manner of summer camps and experiences this month. Dana’s oldest (16) just completed an inner-city mission trip in Atlanta, and Kendell’s oldest (9) is at a traditional summer camp. She’s…

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