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Kendell and Dana 100

We would like to tell you that we’re normal. But we’re good girls, so…here’s the truth:

Kendell Gwaltney Shows is just trying to figure it all out…with a little grace and humor thrown in for good measure. Originally from Birmingham, she now embraces her small-town girl status. She loves to travel, watch hours of HGTV and Bravo and can’t stop buying lip gloss and candles. She’s also an enthusiastic eater who loves trying new recipes and restaurants, lives for traveling and is passionate about community theatre. Her husband is still the most handsome man in the room and her children, Grant & Olivia, make her feel like she’s accomplished something truly awesome. She admits she suffers from a touch of “train-wreckedness” (yes, it’s a ‘thing’) but will do just about anything to get a laugh out of someone. Though a long-time Christian, lately she’s seeing God through a fresh set of eyes. Kendell is not an expert on anything but finds writing extremely therapeutic and is excited about this new vehicle for sharing her life from a funny point of view.

Dana Hall McCain has spent the last 8 years writing primarily about marriage and parenting for iMOM.com, and for regional lifestyle publications. She has a husband she’s legitimately crazy about, and two kids she doesn’t deserve. She’s a travel junkie, loves to read, and has a terrible SEC football habit that she probably needs help for. Dana grew up in a north Alabama town with one stop light, and wants to punch Kendell when she describes Dothan (pop. 65,000) as “a small town.” She walks a lot when she runs. She loves Jesus. She has no idea why he puts up with her. She tries to avoid taking herself too seriously. It’s not that hard.


  1. What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to follow along as y’all spill the grits on everything Southern related. Woo Hoo and congrats!! xo


    • Thanks so much, Donna! I checked out your blog and love that y’all are an adoptive family! I (Dana) have been serving on the board of the Forever Families Foundation for a couple of years, and we give grants to families seeking to adopt, both domestically and internationally. When I read the applications of these families I am BLOWN AWAY by how God works. Your family is precious! Thanks again for listening to DSD, and if you want to know more about FFF, the web address is http://www.4everfamiliesfoundation.org.

  3. Love the site, girls! You are funny, smart, and quite pretty too. 🙂 And, the podcast is great!

  4. If ever two girls were meant to tell the “Southern Story” it is you two. I can’t wait for more great stories! Best of luck and God bless to two of my favorite people!!!

  5. I just stumbled upon you all while searching on Google my own company (MADE IN THE DEEP SOUTH). I love how you all describe yourselves and can tell I will really relate to your story telling and southern information. So excited to have found you all!

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