35: Back to School, Biscuits & More

Welcome to the South: where you get to send your kids back to school in temperatures slightly hotter than…fire. But we’re okay with that because it’s just time, you know? Summer is great, but there comes a point when the Pajama Mornings have morphed into the Constant Bickering Mornings and you are spending your entire life savings on groceries to feed the bickerers. Unto everything a season, right? Thanks, Ecclesiastes…

Back to school time is basically the other New Year: it’s the start of so many things, and gives us a chance to try to get it together…again. Or at least pretend to try. One way we like to bring order to the chaos is with a nice new planner to keep our lives–and our families–on track. I like the one from Emily Ley called The Simplified Planner.

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It has plenty of room on each page for appointments, to-do lists, dinner planning and more! Also: signing up for the email list on the Emily Ley website can help you score a discount code to use on your planner. Worth checking out.

And when you’re doing all that meal planning, make sure you pencil in some biscuits! We had a chance to sample three delicious varieties from Callie’s Charleston Biscuits recently, and we were completely wowed. You may know their restaurants in Charleston and Atlanta: Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. But now that Callie’s ships nationwide, everyone can partake of the biscuit goodness!

callie's charleston biscuits

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Discover the hidden gem of Sapelo Island, Georgia.

I personally went crazy for the Cheese & Chive biscuits. They’re petite (perfect for party food) and taste like heaven. And since they ship frozen and can be stored that way for an extended period of time, I’m going to stock my freezer for holiday entertaining (and nights that I want to eat cheese & chive biscuits in my pajamas in front of a roaring fire while binge watching old episodes of Parks and Rec). I’m also putting these on my short list of awesome Christmas gift ideas!
But before we get to Christmas, you might just want to think about Labor Day, and how you can squeeze in some fun during the long weekend. (Remember when Labor Day happened BEFORE “Back to School?” Those must’ve been simpler times…) Lucky for you, we enlisted the help of Emily Labord Hines of EmsOntheRoad.com to outline some “off the beaten path” southern destinations. Emily has a taste for great architecture, history, good food and a cold beverage–there’s no way she could steer us wrong! Listen to the episode and pack your bags.


  1. Soooooo sad to hear you are no longer going to continue your podcast. I have enjoyed them immensely! A plus was the new (to me) music artists I learned about as I quickly would Shazam to find out who they were and add them to my playlists! Hope you come back soon……I have subscribed to your newsletter as you suggested so I may still read your posts.

  2. Thank you so much for having me on the show!

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